Monday, January 28

Hi, my name is Kas! What's yours?

Sorry, I'm a little delayed on getting my About Me up for today's Blogfest.  I had a job interview this morning, and was a little anxious getting ready for it.  I'm pretty horrendous at this whole talking about myself thing--it literally took me hours to write that little bio over there --->.  So instead of trying to coherently introduce myself, I'm just going to give you some fun facts about Kas:
  • I'm addicted to coffee.  I drink it black with a bit of cream (preferably flavored), but I'm also obsessed with every kind of latte and (white) mocha available.
  • I'm super duper into craftsy artsy funky things.  I paint.  I make jewelry (nothing fancy, just hemp  & bead type things).  I am forever working on some project or another.
  • I collect tie dye.  Collect it.  Shirts, scarves, shorts, socks, bandanas... home-made and otherwise.
  • My favorite color is black.  What?  Black's not a color?  Tell that to my closet...  Also, rainbow things.  And the cool color spectrum.
  • I'm kind of emotional.  The good, the bad, the ugly--but this means that although I have my low days... I can get pretty damn excited about things, too.  I view this is a positive.
  • Reading and writing are my escapes.  They have been serving that purpose since I learned to read at 4 years old and I expect them to continue to function as portals into a world apart from my own for as long as I can hold a pen or turn the pages.
  • My middle name is Uta.  That's pronounced Ooh-tuhh.  My grandmother's name is Ute (pronounced essentially the same).  And no, I don't know what it "means," but it IS a common German name.
  • I'm kind of a massive Harry Potter geek.  Harry Potter changed my life [see earlier post], and holds a very important place in my heart.  (Totally not trying to be melodramatic.)
  • I have a LOT of celebrity crushes.  Don't judge.  Angelina, my first true celebrity love, Megan Fox, my guilty pleasure actress (ie. I know she's not exactly the best actress in the world, but I mean get real... her eyes are TURQUOISE), Jennifer Lawrence--I mean she's Mystique AND Katniss... and have you seen her in an interview?  Whoops... I am definitely digressing...
  • I have two adopted four-legged children.  Both pitty mixes and both utterly adorable, cuddly, energetic.. troublemakers.
  • I am a middle child, Pisces, with a Psych degree.  I promise, this says something about me though I'm not entirely sure what.
  • Oh!  And I HAVE, in fact, lived out an 80's movie romantic moment.  Totally unscripted.  In real life.  Cross that off the bucket list!
Erm.  Okay.  So maybe you kinda sorta know a little bit about me now?  Thanks for stopping by!  : ]

My geeky HP phone cover
The naughty childrens


  1. I love coffee, I'm emotional, and I get side-tracked, too! We should get along grea-- Oh, that's shiny! :D

  2. I LOVE Lattes, Mochas and all those sorts of things (kind of getting addicted). Your hobbies sound so nice, especially the jewelry making. Nice to meet you!

  3. *huggles* I'm so glad you're participating! And I definitely love your sense of style. I'm fond of tie-dye myself, though look much more like a hippy in it than you do.

  4. Hi Kas. I have an unpronounceable middle name that I don't usually claim. I can relate. I think I would have fell in love with who ever played Katniss. She is such a great character. Nice to meet you.

  5. Hi! It's great to get to know more about you. I'm a HUGE Harry Potter geek too.

  6. Your children are cute. I love just about any kind of coffee too. It's one necessary part of my daily routine.

  7. Cute kids :) Nice to meet you, Kas! You seem a real interesting sort, and your blog looks nice! :D

  8. Jackie--shiny things CAN be very distracting, can't they?

    T.Drecker--if you're only kind of addicted now, stop it while you can! Once you're completely addicted it's all downhill...

    Hart--thanks for tipping me off about this! And as for my tie-dye.. sadly with my two new jobs I will be in boring uniform for one and solid black with NO color allowed for the other. *le sigh*

    sydney aaliyah--I used to not claim my middle name, but then I realized it's fun to have something different especially when it's a family name. Katniss IS great... nice to meet you too!!

    Christine--yayyy for Harry geekdom! We are in great company. : ]

    Susan--thank you! I adore them. And oh yes, coffee is definitely necessary for survival.

    Trisha--Thanks & Thanks & Thanks! So kind of you. : ]

  9. Great to meet you! And welcome to this whole blogging thing. Hope to see more soon.

    Oh and there is nothing wrong with being a complete Potter geek, I love all the Harry Potter books too!

  10. Welcome to the blogosphere! Nice to meet you. I don't collect tie dye, but I still wear some of it. (Makes me look like the world's oldest hippy chick.)

    Count me in as your newest follower.

  11. Hi, Kas,
    Nice to find out some stuff about you. I've always in awe of people who can make stuff with their hands.

  12. Hi, Kas,
    Nice to find out some stuff about you. I've always in awe of people who can make stuff with their hands.

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  14. Great post, Kas! Funny you mentioned Katniss because she's who I thought of when I read your name. And you kind of favor Megan Fox! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog! I'm thinking you'll be an awesome friend! :)

  15. Timothy--thanks so much! And I agree there's nothing wrong with it... as I said to Christine above, we are amongst great company!

    Susan--I fully intend to wear tie-dye forever! And thanks so much for following! : ]

    J.L.--Thank you! I'm really not nearly as talented as many other people, but I do have fun and I think that's what's important. ; ]

    Celeste--Aw, you are too kind. And thanks for stopping by in return!

  16. Jewelry making - awesome! Nice to meet you.

  17. I'm one of those people who hates coffee but loves the smell. My husband stores coffee in an extra freezer we have. And I love opening the door and smelling the ground coffee.

    Just can't stand the taste.

  18. You sure do got a lot of outlets. That's great. Arts and crafts is one of the things I'd take up if I could retire anytime soon... dreams. It's nice to meet you!

  19. Yay for crafty ladies! And your naughty childrens are adorable. Tie-dye rules. My brother-in-law used to sell tie-dyes on 'Dead tour!

  20. Hi Kas, great to meet you. Your naughty children are very cute! I like crafting too, though it's hard to find the time to be crafty at my house. I have three naughty children at home, 2 two-legged kind and 1 of the 4-legged variety. :D

  21. I love coffee, I love crafts, I'm a rainbow nation child...
    Great to meet you Kas!

  22. Hey Kas! Like you already! And LOVE your blog theme and colors. So purty. We could totally hang and do crafty things. I'm such a craft geek too. Great to meet you! :D

  23. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love *meeting* new bloggers. The middle name is cool and sweet that you share that with your grandma and I share a name too. And you might have gotten to have an eighties moment...I got to live them. Which now that I say that, I'm not sure it's a good brag!!

  24. Good to meet you. Thanks for stopping by - love the dogs! GirlZombieAuthors

  25. Good to meet you! I like to do crafts, but I only make one thing! Then the ADD personality kicks in and I am on to the next new thing, no duplicates.

  26. VikLit--thanks! Just a little for fun thing. Nice to meet you too!

    Suzi--the smell is definitely divine.

    Nancy--I guess I do.. I have a fairly short attention span, so I like to have various options of things to do. When I get stuck writing, I'll paint, when I don't feel like painting anymore I can do something else.

    Shell--thank you!! : ] And yes, tie-dye (and crafty things) both rule!

    Elise--Yikes! The two-legged kind scare me! Haha. Great to meet you, too!

    michelle-Yay! I love meeting people with common interests!

    Pk--Thanks!! It was my first attempt at making my own blog theme so I was pretty excited that it came out okay. (Although I do hope it looks the same on other peoples' computers!) So great to meet you, too!

    Elizabeth--Haha! Have you ever seen 'Easy A'? She says in there--I just want to live out a romantic 80's movie moment... I think that's where I got that from. : ]

    Chris--Thanks! Good to meet you, too!

    Loverofwords--I tend to do the same! I also have the bad habit of starting a project, getting bored and leaving it half-finished... like the giant box of wine bottles on my kitchen counter with the labels half peeled off....

  27. Hi, Kas,

    Nice to meet you too!

    Love the fairies weaving in and out of your blog page! LOVE HP TOO... it changed my life as well.

    CRAFTS.... YES, do that too! See a pattern here. LOL.

    These blogfest are so fun. I love meeting people with similar interests to me...



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