Monday, January 21

Why I Find Naming Things Impossible (otherwise known as the explanation behind the name)

When you name something, whether it be a pet, character, or car, you want it to be just right.  That name will identify the person, thing, whatever, for as long as it shall live (so to speak).  I am notorious for taking eons to name anything, particularly characters.  Often, I name a character, change its name, change it back, give it a third name, and still don't decide until I've written one of the names so many times that it becomes the default when mentioning that character.  OR I just do this _____ in place of the character's name and end up with lots of blanks all over the place.  It's awful, but I can't help but feel like everything has a perfect name.  Five months ago I bought my first car (of my own).  I knew there was any one of a few cars I really wanted, and different colors I could tolerate.  I had a name picked out for each type of car/color--if I got a red anything it was going to be Auntie Snix;  if I got any car with a moonroof it was going to be Moony.  I ended up with a little blue hatchback with a moonroof--but Moony seemed too masculine for her.  It just wasn't right!  So I named her Luna Moony.  The cute name that fit her, but still the Moony I had my heart set on.

When I decided I wanted to write a blog again, particularly focused on writing, I hadn't the slightest clue what to name it.  Just my name?  Meh.  I have yet to decide what name I want to (eventually in the somewhere distant future) publish under--chances are my name will be changing by the time that day comes (or will possibly be changing not long after) so that's a decision to be made later.  And as such, not a good blog name.  I thought about playing off of the word INK...  As a person who prefers to write in a notebook with an ink pen, and who also has a gigantic love affair with tattoos I thought it would be fitting, but the few names I came up with that I liked were taken, and I know of an InkyGirl and didn't want to have anything close to her name.  So I started to think about what kind of stories I write.  I have begun writing or are in the process of writing five different novels to this point (I know, I have the WORST writer's ADD), and none of them are really anything alike except for having one thing in common.  All of my main characters are spunky, quirky, strong-willed female characters.  Quirky is one of my favorite words, and it always makes me happy when someone uses it to describe me--my favorite things about myself are all of the weird stuff that makes me a little different.  Because of this I find that I translate that part of me into my creative works--my main characters in writing, and in my artwork, too.  When I had considered starting an Etsy to sell my artwork (on hold because my sister and I are collaborating on one) I wanted to name it Spunk & Spice.  Because I like to make things whether it's jewelry, paintings, or drawings that are just a little bit funky.  When I told my boyfriend what I was thinking of naming this blog he said, "Well, that's fitting."  And that decided it for me.  It reflects me, it describes the characters that I write, and also it sounds a little bit like Pumpkin Spice and anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with Starbucks, so I kinda like that, too. ;]


  1. I sometimes call characters XXX, but once when I was fanfictioning and failed to correct, I got accused of including a porn star. So it may not be the best option. I like the name. I'm glad you're blogging again. And my favorite nickname I've earned in recent years is Naked Spice... so we can be spice sisters.

  2. Erm... and you need a follower button...

  3. Thanks, Tami! Yayyy Spice Girls! (wait, what? I didn't say anything..) As for the follower button... I added the followers thing to the sidebar, but I can't seem to find anywhere where you can add a +Follow button?? I even googled it with no success.

  4. Spunk and Spice is a great name. Sometimes I think someone should have a blogfest about how/why they picked their blog name/theme, cause there are so many cool ones out there.

    I have to have my main characters' names down before I can write. Every once in a while, I'll change on after I start, but it doesn't happen often.

    For very unimportant characters, sometimes I'll just use a name I know will be changed or have used boy1 or something. But it still bugs me to get a 'real' name down.

  5. That would be fun! I love to hear the whys behind people's actions. I usually know who I want my main character to be. Only once did I start a story because I had the idea for the story but no clue who was going to fill the two main parts. Usually the character comes with the name for me.


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